Here’s a guy who is so creative, a perfectionist and wants to make you happy.  You can bring any design in to Henry and he can hand paint it on your nails that is how talented Henry is.  Henry only uses the best products, he is very professional, clean, neat and cares about his customers.  I have pink and whites and my nails look so natural NOT thick!  I highly recommend him to all my friends and family!!  Henry’s the best!!

—–Alison D.

I have been going to Henry for so many years. He is the best manicurist. He only uses top quality products and I never have broken nails, nails that lift  or any problems. I always had irritations from the products used by other manicurist, but never from his products. His designs are the best I have seen and am continually stopped by men and women who comment on my nails. As long as he is in business I will only go to him and recommend him very highly.

——Lynette B.

Henry is just fabulous! I always get tons of compliments on the artwork he puts on my nails. If you want to pay an extra $ 5 to get a flower on your nail, you can go anywhere, but Henry’s designs are truly art. He spends extra time to be sure the artwork is right. Before I went on vacation on the beach this summer, I requested something special. Henry googled a whole bunch of designs and painted a miniature lighthouse on one nail, starfish and a beach on another, a big wave on another nail, a palm tree on one, I can’t even remember the rest, but it was totally exquisite. If you go to his Facebook page Henry’s Nails he has many samples of his work. He can do just about anything. Give him a try and you will be amazed! He’s worth every penny of what it costs. I’ve been getting my nails done for longer than I care to recall, twenty years or more, and I’ve never come across anyone as good as he is.

——-Kareen M.

I love Henry!
He does a wonderful job and my nails always last a really long time.
He specializes in pink and white but is also one of the top Gel Nail designers in the Valley.
Check out his fabulous designs on Facebook.
Henry’s nails

——-Cindy V.

Henry does a great job, and he’s so nice!  I am very picky when it comes to my nails…and so is he!  He uses the best, high quality products and my nails always last and never lift.  I get pink and white acrylic, which always look beautiful, but I’ve seen his gel work on other clients. He is an artist!  He is so creative and his designs are amazing!  He takes pride in his work and it shows!  If you want gorgeous nails that last and want to sit with a really sweet guy that cares that you’re happy…then go to Henry!  He’s the best!!!

——-Debbie L.

Henry is the BEST! Been going to him for over 6 years and won’t go anywhere else! He does the BEST nails! And loves a challenge! Thank you, Henry for being so AMAZING!!

——-Lindsey T.

I have been going to Henry for 10 years and he is amazing!  He is a true artist.  My time is very limited and cannot fill every 2 weeks. His nails have lasted on me for 4-5 weeks without peeling up or breaking. Best of all, he doesn’t hurt you when grinding your nails. He doesn’t destroy your natural nail base. His nails never look thick and always look very natural. If you like to designs or crystals he’s best in the business. He can hand paint pretty much anything you want.  I gave up on having acrylic nails until my friend convinced me to give it one more try with Henry. I recommend him HIGHLY!

——–Kelli L.