Manicures and Pedicures                                 Page 2 

Premium Combo                               $45

Premium Manicure                          $25

Premium Pedicure                           $30

Indulge in this lush treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub

to get rid of impurities and soften the skin,

then a hot towel is wrapped for

maximum absorption and is finished off with an extended hot

lotion massage before polishing

Luxury Combo                                   $72

Luxury Manicure                              $35

Luxury Pedicure                               $52

The luxury service begins with gentle nail and cuticle maintenance, then

is followed by a refreshing sugar scrub and callus removal. A hydrating cooling gel,

decadent masque and conditioning paraffin wax treatment are wrapped in

a hot towel. An intense, hot lotion massage is followed by polish application.


Organic DNS Combo                       $82  

Organic DNS Manicure                  $40

Organic DNS Pedicure                   $58

The Organic DNS treatment is the ultimate pampering experience. Detailing of

nails and cuticle area and removal of rough, callused skin is followed by a gentle

but invigorating  organic sugar scrub. Then we soothe your skin with our organic

masque and hot towel wrap. A rich, moisturizing, organic cream is massaged into

the skin for ultimate hydration. Finally, we relieve your stress and pain with a 10

minute natural healing zone therapy hand and feet massage using hot stones and therapy oil.


Signature Combo                               $33

Signature Manicure                          $15

Signature Pedicure                           $22

Nails are neatly trimmed and shaped, cuticle are gently

groomed and relaxation massage completes treatment before polish.

Princess Combo                               $25

Princess Manicure                          $10

Princess Pedicure                           $15

Princess Mani/Pedi Combo          $25

Princess Polish Change (H/F)      $ 6

Nail Designs per finger                 $2

Princess French                               $3

Nail Enhancements

Applies To All: Clear Gel Coating Over Acrylic/Buff Shine        $7

Shape Design( Length, Coffin, Pointy, etc…)                                  $5 & Up


Natural Full Set                                                                          $40 & Up  

Natural Rebalance                                                                     $27 & Up

Forever French Full Set                                                            $60 & Up            

Forever French Rebalance                                                       $50 & Up

Gel Extension                                                                

Full Set                                                                                          $55 & Up           

Rebalance                                                                                     $40 & Up

**Add gel/shellac **                                                                     $18

Silk Wrap                                                                             

Full Set                                                                                            $60 & Up         

Rebalance                                                                                    $40 & Up          

SNS Dipping Powder System                                       

Color Powder Natural Nails                                                $45 & Up

Forever French                                                                      $55 & Up

**With extension** $10 Extra